Friday, December 16, 2016

It's Friday!!!!

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Been a little busy the past few days.  Wednesday, I got a lunch coverage.  Basically I just had to ask where students were going and direct them to the Dean if I had concerns. Pretty simple really.  Met the principal, who introduced himself to me after coming down and talking to the students who ate lunch there.  Seemed like a pretty interesting and normal guy.  Which confirms my theory that this has been a weird year, meeting so many principals who seem like normal, intelligent people.  Who'd have thought?

Got an offer for an application for a transfer school.  Seems interesting.  To be honest, I've warmed to the idea of transfer schools recently.  They don't do regents, except English, and instead focus on a different form of assessment in what is called a PBAT (Performance Based Assessment).  Personally, I think this is an improvement.  I hate the Regents, and I even tell kids that if it were up to me, I wouldn't give them tests.  I'd rather them do projects or some kind of research paper which demonstrates what they know.

I don't get why some schools get to do this and others don't.  I understand why transfer schools do, but other schools that aren't transfer schools (like the one I am assigned to), also have a waiver to do this alternative form of assessment.  Maybe it's just one of those things, like why some schools can pre test kids for admission and other's can't.

Enjoy your weekend!

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