Monday, October 26, 2009

I got 99 Problems...but Bloomberg isn't one

I know I haven't updated this in many months. What can I say? I hate working over the summer. Also, I just haven't found time to write, what with this teaching thing at all, doesn't really leave much time to us, as it is. Then the weekends come and the last thing I want to do is write on the internet or maybe I do, but don't remember I have a blog.

I recently started playing rap music in class. No reason really, except that the kids like it. I did this last year and they seemed to like me taking one of their ipods and plugging it into the speakers. I know my principal might not approve of this method, (esp. since the students are reminded about the Chancellor's policy on electronics). Really, if they didn't want the students to have electronics, they'd collect them at the door. But that's another thing entirely.

Maybe I see it as me connecting with the kids. It's their classroom too, we're all in this together, and yeah, I don't play music everyday, but most days, I don't see an issue with it. If anything, many of the low performers have been given a reason to pay attention. And when teaching history, that is important. Especially when topics seem to be very similar to what was previously taught.

I wish I could have thrown a weight at the tv at the gym today. Another Bloomberg ad. Blah Blah Thompson, Blah Blah Board of Ed. Maybe it's me because I'm not from NYC, but Department of Ed and Board of Ed sound pretty much like the same thing. Other teachers do say the Board of Ed was bad, but if it was worse than this, then it must have been really bad. Because this current system just plain and simply sucks. Graduation rates falsified, kids not achieving, just being passed along. I really wish the voters could live a life as a teacher to see what really goes on. I really wish Thompson's people would have teachers helping him.

I know full well what my life is. Everyday I hear it, pass more kids, pass more kids. It's all about numbers and we all know this now. It's not about the kids. It should be, but it's never about the kids. It's about making people in suits look good. It's about making Obama look good. He who knows nothing of public education, he who talked about change but hasn't changed a damn thing. I'm rambling, I know, probably means I'm not a good blogger.

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  1. You are good. Yov've said what I've said 100s of times. blomberg is the one that rattles on with his false and misleading ads.