Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh My Nose!

So I broke my nose last night at rugby practice. Real not typical either. We were warming up playing "touch" rugby and my mate dove for the score, and as he fell his foot slammed into mine, moving it into a position that looks more like a Cro-Magnon's nose than a modern humans. Spent five hours in the E.R. (thank god we don't have national healthcare where it might have meant spending an ungodly hour there), and came home. Doctor said I should take 3 days off work and while I wanted to come in, I realize that me going in to teach, with a bandage on my face is just basically saying to the kids "Don't take me seriously." Not that I am Mr. Hardbutt anyway, but still.

Most teachers would love this I bet, but not me. I actually like being in school, feeling like I am making a difference in someone's life (even if I don't always see it). I love my classes and students and we were going to be starting a project where I hoped their potential would be reached. It will have to wait till Monday, when i get these sponges removed from my nose.

So, I am left with finding things to do each day. Maybe I can get ahead, and I will, probably. What's most annoying is the dripping from my nose. I can't decide whether to just tape some gauze to it or leave it, the feeling of gauze against my face feels so unnatural.

Anyway, yesterday teachers in the lunch area were talking of this job. It does suck the life out of you, as much as I do love it. Maybe it's not a lifetime thing and I should think of something else. Anyone who is not a teacher is always quick to point out the buzz words: "Summers off!" "Work 8-3pm!" etc. They don't know and they never will because you say "Well go be a teacher" they never will. Instead they'd rather us work longer days and years.

I don't have a problem with year round school. As long as we get paid for it. You can't extend our year but make us work for the same amount of money. Doesn't make any sense. If Obama really wants to push this through, then starting salaries should be much higher, maybe in the 60's-70's range. Allow us to be paid like year round professionals. Hell, allow us to be treated like professionals anyways. Most often were not and just made as cannon fodder for the media, whom Bloomberg has his mitts tied right around it. Though sometimes you see an article in the Post calling him out. Makes the Times look bad when the Post is doing the legwork, doesn't it?


  1. No, can't make it a career and not have summer vacation. Need to recover, need to pace.

    We are accumulating experience that makes us more valuable to the kids, but it gets wasted if we are exhausted. We already teach more classes, more days, then just about anywhere in the "developed world."

  2. And, sorry about the nose.