Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I have returned....

Dusting off the cobwebs here.  For some reason I feel like blogging again which I haven't done in quite awhile.  Seven years of teaching! Wow.  You know before I moved to NYC I never envisioned teaching would be like this.  I remember in Grad school they made it seem like all teachers were just not getting it done.  That there were more constructive ways of reaching kids.  Boy, was I misled!  Teaching is hard!  Especially if you want to do right by the kids.  Sure, you could take the lazy man's way and just copy something off the internet but that kind of stuff doesn't work with kids who lack the motivation.  They want to be engaged, to be inspired, so I have learned that I have to find different ways to engage them.  Which is fine, I enjoy the challenge nowadays, just wish some of them would remember to bring their pen once in awhile.

New principal, well her second year.  She's different from the last one, but worse.  I harbor ill feelings from the last one since I was unjustly "U"'d in my 5th year.  This one is never around.  Today was a NYC snow day, which means schools are OPEN.  In truth it wasn't that bad, but we who know know that kids just don't come to school when it snows, or is icy, or if it rains.  Come into school, see one of my students in the halls then see security come out and be all like "all students need to go to the auditorium."  This was 8:15am.  So I think, hmm ok, no 1st period?  Go into my room, do some editing, teacher walks by and says I have to go to the auditorium to get my students.  I go down and manage to get the two that were there.  Ended up even teaching them something.  Rest of the day passed with bells out of order.

But here I am thinking is.  Would it kill administration to make an announcement?  They never make announcements, ever, unless it is AP security announcing a fire drill.  But surely the magnitude of this storm and its effects would warrant some kind of announcement to teachers.  I was one of the few who was informed to pick up his kids.

Well, at least my lesson is already done for tomorrow!  Just hope more kids show up, so I can teach them the common core "skills" which are so damn important.

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