Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This just in...

So the California Supreme Court is saying that tenured teachers ruin education.  What a load....just more proof that all you need is a big fancy corporate law firm and you can erode any decision.  Here's the link http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/11/us/california-teacher-tenure-laws-ruled-unconstitutional.html?emc=edit_au_20140610&nl=afternoonupdate&nlid=55289402&_r=0

Seriously, how does this happen?  My school is a total FAIL FACTORY, as you may have read in the NY Post.  There are several articles related to my school, just type FAIL FACTORY NYC Schools and you will find it.  The latest in a series of miscues has us proctoring for 6 hours straight with two bathroom breaks, starting at 12pm.  This is the weirdest schedule I've ever received.  12pm to 6:55pm with 47 minutes for "dinner?"  And I get two 10 minute bathroom breaks in between?  Yeah, us teachers, JOB FOR LIFE, RIGHT? RIGHT?

Drives me up the damn wall.  I go in each day, love working with these kids, even the annoying ones, implement the different strategies, Danielson and the like and they have some nerve to say it's all developing.  Like, what the heck.  Developing?  Developing is someone who barely tries anything, has little interest in the kid's lives and spends all their time telling kids to log on to some website like castlelearning while they check espn.com.  Which by the way, does happen at my school, it's just called Blended Learning and that brings up another point.  How are these "teachers" being evaluated?  They can't really differentiate since everything is on the computer.  They must be getting ineffectives across the board....though I wouldn't be shocked if they were rated "highly effective" while poor schlubs like me who works with live students have to stick with "developing."

Met some fellow teachers as part of the MORE protest in front of TWEED.  Was good to meet people and listen to their stories.  It still amazes me, as bad as my school is, some are far worse.  The incompetent morons the DOE sends into schools to run them as principals and then I have to read about what is going on in California and be subject to more anti-teacher propaganda.  And bet your bottom dollar, the Post, The Daily, the Times will all having glowing editorials tomorrow praising this victory against those "evil" unions!  Because we all know, teachers hate kids.  The only people that love kids are corporate ceos and super rich charter school operators like Eva Moskowitz, who want to destroy unions so they can hire Teach For America kids who will use their experience working with urban area kids as a resume line as they tried to get into Harvard Law.  All of it...makes me sick.  Good day!

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