Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Being an ATR is boring...

So I did not get that position at Millennium.  Damn!  Stinks for them though, they missed out on a great teacher.  In the mean time I have met my field supervisor, or principal for ATR's.  He doesn't seem so bad really and seems earnest in trying to help me.  Has sort of a laid back attitude.  We shall see.

In the meantime, I have to explain to kids that I am not a sub, just a teacher who does a bit of everything.  Sub is like a dirty word and I hate that kids use it.  Basically, my schedule gets written out by the secretary but most of my time is spent in the teacher's lounge.  Which is fine, because most of the time I spend is reading the Kagan strategies book.  That was one of the few good things I got from MBHS.  Of course, I am sure if I did everything perfect in Kagan's eyes, they would still find it developing.

Today my schedule was pd1 Government, pd5 Government and pd7 a maybe with middle school.  The pd1 class was just there till they could go to brunch and the pd5 teacher returned.  Pd7 I was told they were testing so basically, I spent most of this day in the teacher's lounge.  I really would rather teach! I like teaching actually.  I had thought I was teaching pd5 so I made a lesson for government with lots of kagan strats.  The idea is to get a class at some point, get observed, get a high rating and use that to get into a school.  Although, what kind of school hires teachers mid year?  I don't know, guess anything can happen.

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