Tuesday, September 23, 2014



So today I came into work wondering what to do.  I had got an email the previous day asking if I could come to the High School for Arts and Tech in the MLK campus for a 9:45am interview.  I was thinking "great, another interview where I will probably just be a number so they can hire some d-bag."  When I told the secretary she was saying how she wasn't sure if I could because she was setting up a coverage for me (today).  So when I came in and saw that my day didn't really start till 11:30am, I emailed the guy at the school and asked if 9:45am was still good. It was, so I went.

I had been in this school twice before when I worked at Bergtraum (actually 3 times because I once saw a bodybuilding competition here.  If you've never been, go, it's...interesting).  Met the principal, she seemed, old and nice, and wheelchair bound but very eager.  The AP was nice and easy to talk to.  Suit wearing guy, Spanish, I checked his linked in profile while he was meeting with a teacher and well, someone who is an AP for over 20 years, that's a good feeling there (as opposed to people who are in their 3rd year).

Really like the vibe, the smartboards, the class (Global 9, my fave).  Start monday, can't wait.  Would type more but hands hurt.

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