Friday, September 5, 2014

Praying for a miracle

I interviewed at a school in Downtown Manhattan yesterday.  No, it was not Bergtraum, a school further down with a much better reputation.  Met with the principal and we just based talked education for over an hour.  That was really nice, just myself and him, talking about interests, experiences.  I always hate the interviews where it is you at the end of a table and 3 or more people firing questions at you.  I never know how to respond.  In my personal opinion, when schools do that what they are demonstrating is that the principal is not comfortable talking to you, so they need backup to support them.  When a principal meets one on one with you, this demonstrates they are confident in what they are doing and you know what they want.

Sooooo hoping I get this position.  Especially since school already started.  I guess I took for granted having a teaching job all these years and not having one is annoying.  Sure, I don't "have to" lesson plan.  But maybe I enjoy doing that.  The environment at this school really seems like something that would add to my professional growth as an educator, which is what I want.

Yesterday I was assigned to lunchroom duty.  There's nothing more humbling than being a teacher of 7 years and having to help organize the lunch line.  Then I had to cover an 8th period class of 7th graders who need literacy help but there are no actual teachers for these kids yet.  So the principal told them they should read a book.  Of course, few of them actually did that.  I wasn't so interested in that class, but I think it is possible I will be here longer so I will have to just go into teacher mode and assert myself.

Of course, if I get this teaching position, none of this will matter.  I can already see myself, though I try not to think of it too much.  Though I did get some news from my last chapter leader for people who got ineffective or developing.  If anyone reads this blog, apparently there is a workshop saturday at 52 from 10-12.  Or you can call this number: 212.598.6800.  Apparently you can schedule an intake.  Not that I am confident this will work, but I believe it's worth a try.  The last time I called on the UFT for help was for my U appeal from a few years ago.  It wasn't much help, but the guy definitely tried.  What have you got to lose?

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