Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Developing? I'll show you developing

So I received my rating last night.  I kind of knew it would be developing.   When I did my MOTP last year I was just on the edge of under effective.  Not that I agree with those ratings (who would)?  I did the best I could in a "failure factory" within a structure that did not support teachers in any way shape or form.  Of course, now I feel like less of a teacher because every other blog I read people complain about being only effective.  Not that it really means anything, does it mean anything?  I'm not really sure.

What I do know now is that I am supposed to have some kind of Teacher Improvement Plan.  Which is supposed to come from the principal.  My question is this: What if the main problem with my teaching is that I had bad principals and assistant principals? Would I be fair in requesting that I have competent administrators who will provide me with immediate and actionable feedback (as opposed to waiting 3 weeks or more before scheduling a Post Op)?  Furthermore, I am an ATR now.  Who will schedule this?  The principal who doesn't know me at the school I am at now?

One more day for the official school day.  As I came in this morning the secretary told me "you're card is in that separate area, not with the teachers." I had half a mind to say "Well, I am a teacher."  But I don't think she meant it as a slight, I think she more meant the teachers who are at this school permanently.  I hope I am not an ATR long.  So far this place seems pretty good, but my roommate regaled me with a bad experience yesterday.  If I don't lock up something within the month, I might get sent to a horrid school.  That would not be good.  So far though I am just waiting to see what we are doing today.  People say "hi" but that is about it.  I get it, they are focused on their rooms and what they are teaching on day one.  Still...

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